With Storms Still Coming, Be Ready With New Windows & Other Tips

Are your windows still in good shape after all the abuse from the weather this year? Are the frames still okay or are they starting to rust or rot? How about the glass? Are they still holding up?

We’ve seen several severe weather conditions come our way during summer, heading into fall, it seems as though the weather is still going to take a turn for the worst from time to time.

Just like any severe weather occurrence, you have to be sure that your home is going to hold up against the strong winds, or heavy rain. Having windows in subpar condition is going to jeopardize your family’s safety and comfort. In the aftermath of such a weather disturbance, your subpar windows can incur damage easily. This can cause further problems like lack of insulation and consequently, a higher electric bill.

To avoid inconveniences in the future, make sure your windows in Monmouth County NJ are strong and durable enough to withstand the tropical storms or other severe weather conditions. We at All County Exteriors can provide just the windows you need.

Among the Okna Windows we offer at All County Exteriors, the top-selling model is the Insul-Tec brand. This model offers the traditional feel and look of wood with the strength and durability of vinyl. You’re going to need this kind of durability for your family’s protection from the weather. And since all OKNA products are custom-made, you can be certain that all your windows are a perfect fit. So if you’re looking Monmouth County NJ windows, give All County Exteriors a call today!

Other practical tips to prepare your home for untoward weather events:

  1. Have your roof inspected. It must be ready at all times to handle rain, hail, or snow.
  2. Inspect you gutters for debris. Clogged gutters can cause ponding during rainy days.
  3. Check your patio doors and entry doors for faulty mechanisms. If that door is scraping the floor or letting in draft, you need to get it fixed.

Finally – although not directly about preparing your house for a storm – volunteer in rebuilding efforts when you get the chance. You wouldn’t want to be in the place of people who unfortunately lose their homes to storms. Your little effort will go a long way for them.