Windows in Ocean County,NJ—How to Prevent Your Windows from Frosting

“It looks like a winter landscape painting with an abstract expressionist twist, an arctic wonderland of snowy slopes and angular evergreens under a big white cloud.

The artist who dreamed up this scene: Jack Frost.

After temperatures plunged into the teens on Sunday night, ice crystals formed on the windows of the Cooper Gristmill, a historical site in Chester Township.

The cluster of cold windows was like an impromptu art show. Above the landscape painting was another crystal-coated window that resembled a Picasso-like portrait of two figures huddled together.”

Frost forms on windows when extremely cold winter wind is hitting them from the outside. Air moisture in a room is drawn to the window pane, and when the exterior temperature outside the window dips past the dew point, the moisture that hits the cold window pane from inside solidifies into ice crystals. That’s how you get frost on Ocean County, NJ windows similar to the frost landscape on the windows of the historical Cooper Gristmill.


Window frost should never be ignored, as it can lead to damage. As the ice melts, the water can seep into whatever is next to it. If you have a wooden window, the water can discolor or crack the paint, and even damage the wood. Over time, it can also lead to mold growth.

To prevent window frost, apply a plastic cover on the inside of your windows or have them sealed to prevent moisture from hitting the surface. You can also use a dehumidifier as this will keep the interior air drier; without moisture, frost is less likely to form. When frost begins to appear on your windows, you can make use of a hair drier or space heater for a quick fix.

If your windows suffer from frequent frosting, or if they have sustained a lot of damage from the cold, you may need to have them replaced. By installing better quality windows in your house (the double- or triple-paned variety), it may be possible to reduce the flow of cold air or regulate the moisture that is causing the frost on your windows.

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(Article Information and Image from Is it art? Nope, it’s ice on windows in Chester after a cold Jersey night,, Nov. 25, 2013)