Why is Vinyl Preferred by Any Siding Contractor in Ocean County, NJ?

Polyvinyl chloride, PVC, or simply vinyl, is one of the most popular materials used for construction nowadays. While initially, its only advantage was that it was far cheaper and more accessible than most other materials, modern technology has since made it possible for vinyl to stand toe-to-toe with its contemporaries. According to the Herald, “more value is being created by marrying texture and toughness, enabling beautiful and extremely durable homes. The toughest vinyl siding exteriors are code-compliant for hurricane zones and offer maximum possible fire resistance ratings.”

Siding Material

As such, it shouldn’t be a surprise for people to see vinyl as the material of choice for many siding contractors. All County Exteriors, a reputable siding contractor from Ocean County, NJ, even offers vinyl siding in hundreds of different styles and colors, thanks to their partnerships with multiple siding manufacturers, which allows them to cater to virtually any aesthetic taste. Some of these vinyl siding are even treated with insulating materials which allow a household in Jackson, Point Pleasant, and elsewhere to save a lot of money from utility bills every month.

More savings can be obtained due to more “logical” reasons. For example: since vinyl siding are pre-fabricated with colors and designs, a homeowner no longer needs to buy cans of paint to complete the exterior look of his or her home. Should the colors of the siding fade away, they can be repainted using cheap latex paint.

However, the biggest reason why vinyl is a favorite among construction contractors is that it is very easy to work with. While some products, like wood, require additional treatments before they can be attached to a home’s exterior using special adhesives, vinyl can be installed straight away with nails. This makes siding installations, and repairs or replacements by extension, much quicker than with other materials. Some homeowners may even be tempted to install vinyl siding by themselves, although they’re ultimately better off hiring professionals instead.

This is because contractors offer warranties on their siding products in the event of a botched installation or repair job. Aside from that, some contractors offering siding in Ocean County, NJ and elsewhere have been trained by the siding manufacturers themselves, which means that they have a better grasp on how to work with specific vinyl siding products than untrained people. These things are just a bonus, though, compared to how vinyl can build beautiful and durable homes.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Learn more about the nation’s most popular siding material, The Herald, December 3, 2013)