What Does It Mean to Be a GAF Master Elite Roofer?

At All County Exteriors, the top roofing contractor in Ocean County NJ, we understand that getting a new roof is going to be a huge investment for homeowners. However, it’s necessary especially if your roof has been through different harsh conditions from elements.

Certified Quality

Choosing the right contractor can also add to homeowners’ concern with a lot of fly-by-night contractors and scammers in the area. That is why, if you’re going to get your roof done, the best way to go is to hire a GAF Master Elite roofer in Ocean County NJ. To know more about the GAF Master Elite Program, here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive from our customers:

What is the GAF Master Elite Certification Program?

GAF is the top manufacturer of roofing products in the country. The company has been in the business since 1886, and their products are consistently ranked #1 by contractors, home owners, and third party associations. With their reputation on the line, GAF decided to pick the best roofer in every area to represent their products. Hence, the GAF Master Elite Program.

How can a roofer be a Master Elite contractor?

The standards for this sought-after GAF certification are demanding. First, the contractor must have an excellent reputation within the community. This will have to be verified by friends, colleagues, and customers living in the area. Second, they must be committed to continuously educating themselves with the roofing industry’s best practices and the latest techniques. Thirdly, the company must be properly licensed in the state they operate in. And last but not least, the roofer must have up-to-date quality insurance.

What’s in it for me as a business or home owner?

Only 3 % of all roofing contractors have qualified to be GAF Master Elite® contractors, which means that when you hire a Master Elite like All County Roofing, you’re hiring the best. Plus, only the chosen few are only allowed by GAF to provide the Golden Pledge Warranty, the most prevailing and important warranty in the entire roofing industry.

Are there any Master Elite contractors in NJ?

YES! If you need to get your roof done, the best choice is to call All County Roofing, the only trusted GAF Master Elite Roofer in New Jersey.