Vinyl vs. Wood: Choosing Replacement Windows in Monmouth County, NJ

Although older homes have a lot of charm and character, it may also have a lot of components that you should start upgrading or replacing to keep the house well-maintained and more comfortable to live in – and one of the components you could work on are the windows.

Advantages Vinyl

Similar to purchasing a new cellphone, replacing old windows can be an opportunity for you to upgrade to better ones with features like double-glazing and weather-stripping, which can help you sustain a constant interior temperature as they provide adequate insulation.

Wood vs. Vinyl

Vinyl is relatively more affordable than other materials, while wood is a bit more expensive. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and knowing what they are could help you choose the window that meets your needs best.

According to an article from vinyl has many advantages:

An advantageous side effect of quality insulation is reduced energy costs through heaters, air conditioners, and fans. Even if you spend money to replace your existing windows with vinyl, you can likely make up this cost in energy bills in a few years. When paired with double-paned glass, the costs could be significant. The windows are even recyclable for those who are concerned about the environmental impact of construction waste.

Breadth of selection and ease of installation constitute other advantages of vinyl windows. PVC can be molded and colored to any style for a personalized look, but windows also come in designs that appeal to many people. They are inexpensive to manufacture and install, since they fit into the existing spaces for your windows without changing your walls.

Vinyl makes a good replacement window for Monmouth County, NJ homes, but so does wood. Vinyl can be as durable (or even more durable) than wood; however, if you want something more elegant and timeless, opt for wood windows.

It’s a fact that wood windows are quite pricy and may call for more maintenance in the long run, but the high degree of insulation and beauty they can grant your home are definitely worth it. Furthermore, wood house windows in Monmouth County, NJ would give your property a higher resale value.

Finally, to determine the best window option for your home, you can consult with established contractors like All County Exteriors, and then have them install your chosen replacement windows.

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