Top 7 Elements You Would Want in Your Sunroom

Fall is just around the corner and we’ll probably feel the temperature dropping soon. As the weather gets colder every day, the closest thing we can get to basking in the sun without freezing our bodies off is through a sunroom. This is a perfect place to relax while enjoying the view, to read a book, chat with friends, or even to sleep during the day. You can do all these without catching a cold from outside.

And because it’s “sunroom season,” we, at All County Exteriors came up with this top 7 elements in perking up your sunroom’s overall look and comfort:

7. Accents and Decorations. Add some mirrors, candles, vases, rugs, carpets, and framed prints to give a certain feel to the room.

6. Plants. A sunroom is a transitional space between the indoors and outdoors. Thus, a potted or a hanging plant is a connecting element. Plus, green makes the room more relaxing.

5. Shades, Blinds, and Curtains. If the day gets too sunny or if you want a little privacy, the best thing to do is to install window treatments.

4. Entertainment. As mentioned above, sunrooms can be a place for entertaining guests. You can put some books and board games to kill time and have fun.

3. Temperature Control. This haven is not just for summers and springs. Sunrooms can also be enjoyed even during winter months. To be able to enjoy relaxing in the room during cold days is to install heaters; and A/C for unbearably hot summers.

2. Comfortable Seats and Daybeds. Sunroom is a place for relaxation and entertainment. That’s why it’s a must to get comfy seats. Daybeds are also important for those who enjoy afternoon naps.

1. Windows. A sunroom is not a sunroom without large, wall to wall windows. If these are not big enough, chances are, only a limited amount of sunlight would enter the room. Plus, a smaller type means a limited view of the outdoors. So if you want a more relaxing ambience, you have to get a window replacement in Ocean County NJ.

For high-quality windows that will certainly enhance your sunroom’s look, choose All County Exteriors. We provide only top quality windows in Monmouth County NJ for residents’ needs. Just give us a call to get a FREE estimate on your next home improvement project.