Technology Must Haves in a New Home

 In today’s modern world, it’s all about technology. New apps and gadgets get published every day. Almost half of the world has access to the internet, and we’re just a step away from having a virtual reality system in every home. Technology is an aspect that every homeowner should consider when designing a home, as recent developments in electronics can make every day living a little simpler. Embrace the use of technology in your home with these innovations.


  • Smart Thermostat. There is nothing worse than waiting for your home to heat up or cool down. With a smart thermostat, your home will be able to adjust the temperature on its own, based on the preferences that you set. Through an app on your mobile device, your thermostat will know exactly when to start heating and when to cool it down. Apart from being practical, this option also makes this device quite frugal, since you can adjust the temperature on your thermostat whenever from wherever.
  • Garage Door Opener. Even though automatic garage door openers can’t be considered a new invention, optimizing them for work with smart phones is. In today’s digital world, our phones serve as an extra appendage. Installing a garage door opener that can be utilized through an app makes it so you have one less electronic device to keep track of. Plus, if you have more than one car, there’s no longer a need for two remotes.
  • Home Theater. Think about why you love going to the movie theater. Is it the comfortable seats, or how dark it gets when the movie begins, or the size of the screen you’re watching? Modern technology has gotten so good, you can incorporate all of these elements into your own personal theater within your home. Invest in a high-quality, big-screen television, surround sound speakers, and room darkening shades for your living room, den, or basement. 7.1. or at least 5.1. surround systems are highly recommended to achieve the “movie theater effect.”
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner. In the end, anyone who grew up with Sci-Fi movies or books couldn’t wait for robots to take over all our household chores. Luckily, we’re not far from this. Robot vacuum cleaners make maintaining your floor’s easy. With a smart navigation system, it can avoid obstacles, while some of the latest models are even capable of automatically emptying their own dust bin.


Each of these technological advances can save you time and money, and make your life more comfortable. Having a beautiful home for your friends and neighbors to admire is great, but having a home constructed as your own pleasure dome is even better. For more ways to incorporate technology into your interior design, contact Erika Lee, an interior decorator in Cincinnati, OH.