Siding Installation: DIY or Call on Monmouth County, NJ Siding Pros

Should you install your home’s siding by yourself? A article discusses factors that need to be weighed when it comes to DIY home siding installations:

“Installing siding is one of the more challenging home improvement projects because of the scale of the project. Many homeowners who choose to install siding on their homes decide to work with easier materials such as vinyl or fiber-cement siding. Here is a discussion about installing fiber-cement siding.”

As the article says, fiber-cement siding is one of the easiest for amateurs to install, along with vinyl siding. However, experts say that precision and accuracy are highly needed for a successful DIY installation. Hence, homeowners who are thinking of venturing into a DIY siding installation need to be fairly certain that they can achieve the level of accuracy needed for the project.


Some of the tell-tale signs of amateur fiber-cement siding installations include improper clearances and improper attachment — which include using the wrong nails and over-driving or under-driving nails. A key factor every aspiring DIY siding installer should consider is that the home’s siding is among the most visible parts of the house, and therefore has a big impact on curb appeal. Hence, if you want your Monmouth County, NJ home to have an impressive exterior cladding, it is best to leave siding installation in the more capable hands of Monmouth County, NJ siding professionals.

As previously mentioned, this project tends to be one of the more advanced kinds of home improvement projects. If homeowners are simply considering it because they want to save money, they really need to think if they have the right skills. Some homeowners who do not have the advanced skills make the mistake of doing themselves. Then, they end up paying for costly repairs.

Other types of siding such as vinyl, wood, and aluminum, have their own installation do’s and don’ts that need to be strictly followed. Improper siding installation can not only ruin the appearance of your home but also negatively affect the longevity and insulating performance of your siding, which could result in expensive repair or replacement costs later on. Thus, to ensure satisfactory results, you might want to hire trusted Monmouth County, NJ siding experts like All County Exteriors.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Siding Installation: An Overview of Installing Siding for Homes, HomeGuide123)