Should You Install Energy-efficient House Windows in Ocean County, NJ?

When homeowners decide to replace their home’s existing windows, appearance is usually the first consideration, followed by cost. However, when some homeowners consider the latter, they forget that a window’s cost should also factor in its durability and energy efficiency. According to the Efficient Windows Collaborative, homeowners can save between $126-$465 annually if they installed single-pane windows in 2,000 sq. ft. homes.

Vinyl Windows

While such annual savings might not seem astonishing to some, installing energy-efficient replacement windows in Ocean County, NJ offers additional benefits, such as healthy returns on investment. According to Remodeling magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report, homeowners can recoup 71.2 percent of the project cost in added home value. The following excerpt from gives homeowners tips on how to choose the ideal vinyl replacement windows for their homes:

“Your home’s architecture dictates what type of vinyl window is right for you. The age and overall aesthetics of your home are important considerations, as radically changing the color or the style — such as double-hung, casement, bow and other window types — affect how the exterior looks. Choosing the wrong style may make your home look worse instead of improving it, and ultimately be a deal killer when trying to sell your home. A variety of finishes are available, with some closely mimicking wood. Vinyl can be custom manufactured to match your home’s paint color.”

According to trusted contractors that install energy-efficient house windows in Ocean County, NJ, like All County Exteriors, old or inefficient windows lose and gain heat by conduction, convection, radiation, and air leakage. Heat transfer is expressed in U-Values or U-factors (the former being the mathematical inverse of R-values). In other words, an R-value of 2 equals a U-value of ½ or 0.5; lower U-values indicate higher insulating value.

It is best to install ENERGY STAR replacement vinyl windows that have a performance criteria based on your region’s climate zone. Ocean County, New Jersey, has a North-Central Climate Zone, and homeowners must only choose ENERGY STAR windows that are qualified for this region. ENERGY STAR qualified products, such as windows and skylights, must have certified U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) ratings.

Windows for the North-Central Climate Zone must have a U-factor of 0.32 or less and an SHGC of 0.40 or less. Homeowners who have windows that are in relatively good shape, but would like to enhance insulation, can buy and apply Low-E films to their windows. For maximum efficiency, it is best to assess the NFRC ratings on these films. While Low-E films can be effective, they’re often not as effective as Low-E films that are placed between glazing layers during manufacturing.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How to Choose Vinyl Windows;