Services from a Roofing Contractor in Ocean County, NJ: Fix vs Replace

In essence, timing is the most important factor when choosing between having your dependable roofing contractor in Ocean County, NJ repair your damaged roof or replace it entirely. For one, stubbornly sticking to constant repairs when the roof has clearly outlived its utility could be just as wasteful as getting a complete replacement to fix minor damage. Here are some tools that should help you decide which is which:



Go around your house and take note of how your roof, gutters, and the pavement directly below them looks. If you see a lot of shingle granules on the ground, it might be best to have your materials replaced, preferably with something more suited to your local environment. You should also look out for signs of curling, cracked shingles or tiles as they are fissure points for water to enter.

When Repairs Make Sense

Typically, the extent of damage determines the need for repairs over replacement – when only a few shingles are cracked or broken, or if a bit of flashing gets torn off, some caulk or roofing cement might do the job nicely. Likewise, your home insurance might even cover the repair cost of certain types of roof damage.


Roof leaks that are caused by failing material rather than an outside source might be in need of replacement. According to HouseLogic, you can detect leaks early on through:

“Early signs of trouble include dark areas on ceilings, peeling paint on the underside of roof overhangs, damp spots alongside fireplaces, and water stains on pipes venting the water heater or furnace.”


The age of your roof also has a lot to say whether a repair job would be more practical than a roof replacement from contractors like All County Exteriors. For instance, asphalt roofs typically have a 30-50 year lifespan, while metal roofs could last as long as 100. As your trusty roof reaches these numbers, they are more likely to develop problems quite often.

When you know what your roof needs, call up a reliable roofer in Ocean County, NJ to get started on the repair or replacement work. Remember that the right choice spells the difference between savings and unnecessary expenditure.

(Article Information and Image from Roofing: Repair or Replace? HouseLogic)