Summer Roofing Maintenance

While you’re out enjoying your backyard and the summer weather, the last thought on your mind is the integrity of your roof. For lasting protection from the elements any time of year, All County Exteriors invites you to take care of your roof this summer to help prevent lasting damages. Follow these tips to maintain the look and functionality of your roof.

Gutter Issues. If you live in the northeastern United States, you’ll probably see a fair share of rain and storms throughout the summer. This means you’ll need your gutters clear of debris so that they are functioning properly and able to move water off of your roof and away from your home. Throughout the summer, check your gutters for leaves, bird nests, and other debris. If a family of birds nest in your gutters, this means your roof can become covered with bird droppings, which have a high acid content. If this waste is left on your roof, it can eat away at the materials and cause damage. Remove any bird nests or other types of buildup to prevent damage to your roof.

Structural Integrity. Once a year, it’s a good idea to (carefully!) get onto your roof and assess it for structural damage. Common roofing issues include missing, buckling, or cracking shingles, but you should also keep an eye out for growing moss or mold. This could eventually eat through your roof and cause major damage to the interior of your home. If you notice any type of growth on your roof, use a scrub brush to remove it. If your home has a fireplace and chimney, it is important to check the integrity of these items as well. Look for loose caulk or holes in the flashing around your chimney, vents, and exhaust pipes. If there are metal pieces in their structure, check those for rust or rot. Fixing these minor issues before they become a problem can save you thousands of dollars.

A Look Inside. During the process of inspecting your roof this summer, be sure you take a look inside your attic or crawl space. Look for any light that might be shining through cracks, as well as for dampness around your attic that might signify a leak somewhere. As with all of the issues associated with a roof, finding the source of the problem before it becomes a major home improvement project can save you a lot of time and money.  You might notice something on the interior of your attic that you wouldn’t have caught outside, so hop into your attic this season and give it a quick look.

Checking regularly for problems on your roof will allow you to prevent major, lasting damage. Learn more about your roof and how All County Exteriors roofing contractors can service your roof this summer.