Repair and Maintenance Tips from Ocean County Roof Experts

Every homeowner has the responsibility to maintain the entirety of the house. Every once in a while,  parts of your home such as siding, doors, and windows in Ocean County NJ should be inspected. One important component that you need to pay attention to is the roof. It is your primary defense against the harsh elements of nature. It can do its job better if it is at its best condition, that’s why you need to have it maintained and repaired.

To ensure your roof is in top condition, here are some maintenance and repair tips you can follow:

  • Schedule an inspection every three to five years.
  • Check for signs of buckling. This usually happens to shingles.
  • Clean the valleys of your roof, as this is where debris usually accumulates. When neglected, it leads to clamming and leaks.
  • Check your drainpipe after heavy downpours. Unclog them regularly to avoid jamming.
  • Inspect your chimney’s flashing. If it’s already damaged or misplaced, replace it with a weather-proof sealant instead.
  • Make sure the shingles, tiles or shakes are always complete. If some are missing, you might need your roof replaced.
  • Have a professional roofer conduct a thorough assessment.

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