Prepping Your Yard For The Holiday Season

Is your yard ready to welcome the holidays? Christmas festivity certainly calls for extravagant decorations and displays, but this time of year is also known for harsh winter weather. While you’re thinking over your decoration checklist, make sure you have another list on your mind that covers yard maintenance. Follow these guidelines to ensure you attend to the preservation and aesthetics of your home’s exterior this winter season:


  • Aerate your yard. Now that the summer winds have come and gone, your soil is left dry and compacted. Aeration gives your soil room to breathe as it transitions to the cold season. According to the experts at a Bucks County landscaping company, perforating the soil with small holes, it allows air, water and nutrients to reach the roots. Without aeration, excess lawn thatch, organic debris and other solid particles can obstruct the roots from absorbing these essential elements.
  • Mow your lawn. Homeowners need to have a strategy when it comes to lawn mowing in the beginning of winter. As the days start getting colder, lower the cutting base of your lawn mower gradually each time you mow the lawn. Pacing it out allows your grass to slowly adjust to the drop in temperature. At the end of the season, your grass should be as short as possible to reduce the incidence of fungus damage once the flurries start.
  • Fertilize. Similar to how you would stock up on food for a winter storm, your soil needs its own stash of nutrients before the snow hits. Fall fertilization increases soil productivity and encourages root growth, thus preparing it for a lush spring. Make sure your fertilizer for this year-end season has a lower level of nitrogen so it doesn’t promote too much growth. However, the fertilizer needs to have a higher amount of potassium to help the roots of the grasses survive the freeze. So while your soil is being buried underneath the snow, you can be rest assured it’s feeding on good fertilizer nutrients all winter long.
  • Spread mulch. Prepare your yard for the harsh weather by spreading mulch at the base of your trees and shrubs. Mulch protects the roots of your trees by retaining moisture during the cold and dry winter. Apply the mulch two to four inches deep around your plants, making sure to cover the soil evenly without packing it down. Be sure to spread the mulch around your trees in a doughnut shape rather a volcano mound. Placing the mulch one to two inches away from the woody stems and tree trunks also helps guard your stems and bark from rotting.


  • Light up your outdoors. ‘Tis the season to go all out with Christmas decorations! Whether you’re sticking to one solid color or adding color variations to your lights, a well-lit exterior will surely stir up the holiday spirit! To hang Christmas lights across your roof, make sure you have light plastic clips in hand. These clips are inexpensive and they allow you to clip your lights on to the gutters, shingles or eaves of your home without damaging the roof. Don’t forget to decorate your porch railing, staircase and driveway too! Bucks County mason contractors urge you not to forget the hardscaping aspects of your home’s landscape. Adding decor to your exterior wall or fountain can be the extra added pizzazz your exterior needs to be the brightest, most cheerful home on the block.
  • Wrap your trees with lights. If you have any outdoor trees, don’t let them stand in the dark. Wrap your trees with string mini lights, making sure to reach the interior branches instead of just draping them on the exterior branches. Top it all off by hanging ornaments onto your trees to reflect light. If your yard doesn’t include trees, you can purchase artificial trees that come pre-lit or trees made completely out of lights. They’ll serve the same purpose and add the same amount of cheer to your home’s landscape.

With proper planning and the right maintenance during in the cold weather months, you’ll ensure your yard blooms with beauty in the coming spring! Keep your yard healthy and thriving while you’re creating a festive winter wonderland this holiday season.