Prepping Your Guest Room For Visitors

Expecting guests can happen any time of year, but with summer coming to a close and the fall holidays just around the corner, friends and family are sure to be stopping in more frequently. Now is the time to get your guest room prepared for guests who may stop by and stay awhile.

  • Provide ample seating. Create a sitting area for those guests who might have trouble sleeping at night, or who like to wake up and read the paper in the morning. If your guest bedroom has enough space, situate an accent chair near a window so that guests can enjoy the scenic views of your property. Keep a few magazines or books out on a bedside table or chest of drawers for guests to page through at their leisure.
  • Limit the decor. Suffolk interior decorator Patricia Valore recommends decorating sparingly in a guest bedroom. Avoid going overboard with decor. Instead create a space that is comforting and welcoming with minor accents, whether it’s through small pops of color or patterns. Other rooms in your home can showcase your personality, but the guest bedroom should be neutral ground. Use warm, neutral paint colors on the walls, and a simple bedspread or quilt.
  • Make the bed comfortable for all. Place a pillows on the bed that vary in firmness so that guests have options. Also, use layers of sheets and blankets. This gives your guests the freedom to create a place to sleep that is comfortable for them, whether they like sleeping with one pillow and the cover of one sheet or prefer to be surround by pillows and immersed in blankets.
  • Place guests in the right location. Ideally, the guest room should have its own bathroom attached. It should also be in a semi-private section of the house that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. In the same vein, a guest room shouldn’t share a wall with any children’s rooms so as to avoid disturbing guests. If you don’t have a guest room that attaches to a bathroom, place guests in a bedroom nearest to the bathroom so that they don’t get confused in the middle of the night.
  • Stock the bathroom. Whether the guest bathroom is attached to the bedroom or not, be sure to keep it stocked with plenty of toiletries. Consider items that guests may have forgotten to pack, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo or soap. To make guests feel even more at home, keep the bathroom stocked with fresh towels and washcloths for guests to use during their stay.
  • Install a fan. There should be some type of fan in your guest bedroom so your guests can create a temperature in the room that they are comfortable sleeping in. If your guest room has a ceiling fan, show guests how to operate the fan upon their arrival. If your guest bedroom doesn’t have ample space for a ceiling fan, situate a small one on a nightstand that can be moved around easily, or install a window unit if weather permits.
  • Clear out the closet. Ensure that the closet in the guest bedroom is empty and has enough space for guests to hang clothing. Also make sure that the closet has hangers! To make getting ready even easier for guests, hang a full-length mirror on the closet or bedroom door to give guests ample space to get ready. If a full-length mirror doesn’t work in your guest room, be sure to have some type of mirror available for guests to use.

Use these tips in your own home to create the perfect guest room! If your house is lacking the space for a guest room, reach out to the home addition contractors at All County Exteriors today. (732) 370-2780