Preparing for a Home Renovation

Renovating a home includes equal parts excitement and frustration. The excitement begins when the crews begin their prep work and show up to take measurements. The frustration starts when easy access to areas of your  home rapidly reduce and hammering and sawing create a great deal of dust.. Doing your homework and preparing for a project will help when your home renovation begins. Keep your sanity and home intact with these helpful tips:

Schedule Accordingly: Make sure you leave enough time in your schedule for the renovation. If you want your kitchen redone before the family Thanksgiving dinner at your house, plan out your renovation to start no later than the spring to early summer beforehand. Whatever time frame a contractor gives you is still only a rough estimate for the completion of the project. Allow for a window in your calendar twice as long as the estimated renovation time so you’ll be prepared for any mishaps that might prolong the process.

Adjust Your Budget: Renovations tend to generally cost more than the originally agreed upon price in the contract due to hidden problems or small issues within a home. Don’t be caught off guard by unforeseen problems that could become costly. Creating a safety cushion of expenses outside the renovation cost itself will ensure you can afford the project. Budget out for expenses to cost roughly ten to twenty percent more than the estimated cost of the renovation.

Look Into Storage: If the furniture in the rooms to be renovated cannot be stored in other areas of your home without causing major walkway issues, then renting outside storage is a great option.  Figure out how much space you will need and plan to have your furniture and any miscellaneous items removed before the renovation starts. When putting items in storage, be sure to clearly label boxes.  Lengthy renovations may mean you need to access items in storage, and knowing what is in your boxes will lessen any confusion as to what is stored in them.  As mentioned above, storage rental is a prime example of the additional “small issue” expenses people may not consider when budgeting for a home renovation.

Prep For Prep Work: Find out what sort of prep work the contractor will do to the home prior to the renovation. Will the room be secured off with plastic sheeting to reduce dust and allergens? If necessary, remove carpets, curtains and other items that may get damaged or dirty if left open to the construction. Move expensive electronics and other valuables to a remote area of the home, away from the renovation.

Create A Safe Haven: During your home renovation, set aside a room for yourself and family members to feel safe and comfortable. Make it known to the work crew that the space should be kept cut off from the contractor’s team. Use that space for storing special need items, or to relax and spend time with your family.

Make the best out of a stressful home renovation by preparing early with these tips!