Ocean County, NJ Siding Contractor Jazzes Up your Home’s Curb Appeal

Hurricane Sandy is among the biggest calamities that ever hit the country. New Jersey suffered severe losses in terms of lives and properties. More than a year forward, residents are still recovering, says David Madden in his feature for CBS. Government and insurance funds have been pretty slippery in aiding the rehabilitation of affected homes.


Hurricanes and other calamities highlight, above all, how important it is to ensure the structural integrity of one’s home to keep everyone safe. Roofing and exterior siding serve as first defense and protective covering of the house. Roofing and siding professionals should be called in the wake of every severe weather to assess the damage on your property.

In the interim, regular inspections and a maintenance program for your Ocean County, NJ siding should be in place to keep them in fine shape. Here’s what you get when you maintain a stable siding exterior:

Water Damage

Water from rains, storms, and floods can be detrimental to the structure of a house. Moisture creates an optimal environment for molds, and molds eventually destroy wood materials. Additionally, molds pose dangers to health. A stable siding would be resistant to the accumulation of moisture. Your contractor can discuss with you your options on water-resistant siding materials.

Sun, Heat and Air Intrusion

The temperature changes through the seasons can adversely affect the integrity of the siding, as well as the home’s interior. Wind, heat, rain, and winter cold can penetrate through fissures in the siding and muddle up the interior temperature, wreaking havoc on your energy bills as your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems work overtime or malfunction. With weather-resistant siding, costly repairs on your HVAC systems are minimized, while the interior temperature remains constant within your comfort level.


Your siding can mark up the value of your house when it’s intact, and clean. Good siding can improve a property’s curb appeal and thus make it more attractive to buyers in the real estate market.

Hurricanes and other calamities need not be complete miseries. Reputable siding companies, like All County Exteriors provide professional advice and services to help you with your concerns for repairs or replacements. After inspection, they will recommend the appropriate materials and solutions. Your siding contractor in Ocean County, NJ could as well be singing along with Carole King: “winter, spring, summer or fall, all you got to do is call.”

(Article Information and Image from 2013 IN REVIEW: New Jersey Continues To Recover From Hurricane Sandy, CBS, December 29, 2013)