New Sustainable Roofing Trend Recommended for Properties in the US

The roofing industry has been intensive in promoting sustainable roofing measures, which has resulted in the rising popularity of different types of high-tech roofs all over the country. The focus has been all about reducing heat trapped on top of properties to subsequently lower the urban heat-island effect in any area. The new developments are now recognized to be among the smartest eco-friendly ways for property owners to minimize their carbon footprint throughout the year.The Green to Blue Making Roof Systems Sustainable in Urban Environments Image

Today, a new trend is deemed to bring in a lot of advantages for controlling residual water from residences and commercial establishments. Known as blue roofs, the technology is designed to decrease the overflow from rainwater, which has a direct positive impact on ecosystems. As posted on Roofing, an online industry magazine, last March 24, 2014:

Municipal storm-water managers historically have focused on controlling runoff from ground-level impervious surfaces, such as roadways, sidewalks and parking areas. However, the next frontier in storm-water management is rooftops. In urban storm-water management, roofs are part of the problem and potential solution. An exciting new technology to control rooftop runoff is known as blue roofs. Over the next several years, New York City alone will spend several billion dollars on green infrastructure solutions to address its storm-water-control problem, and blue roofs will be a key part of these efforts.

Set to be initially rolled out sometime soon, blue roofs will benefit property owners who are in the market to install a new roof in Monmouth County, NJ and other areas that see a lot of rainfall. With the help of a trusted contractor such as All County Exteriors, home and business owners can choose to adopt new technology and infuse it into their homes.

All County Exteriors is committed to offering the best in exterior home remodeling solutions. This Monmouth County, NJ roofing contractor trains its team to respond well to the newest developments and trends in the industry in order to help equip clients’ properties for optimal functionality.

(Article Excerpt and Image from From Green to Blue: Making Roof Systems Sustainable in Urban Environments, Roofing, March 24, 2014)