Need Savings? Use Efficient Replacement Windows in Monmouth County, NJ

If you’re looking for an example of an energy-efficient house, you may want to visit Wyndham Road in Teaneck, New Jersey where the state’s first passive house is located. As reported in, the home’s owner flew it from Europe in order to set a new standard for other households since, “In a normal house, it may cost you $5,000 or $6,000 to heat and cool the house. In a passive house, it may cost you a tenth of that.” The article further says: “…the home maintains a constant temperature of 70 degrees in the winter or summer, without using air conditioning or heat.”


A passive house may be loosely defined as a building that requires little energy to achieve comfortable indoor temperatures, relying on efficient installations, such as insulated walls and air leak-proof windows, for heating and cooling. While the reported passive house may have been built using a variety of technologies, anyone can get significant energy savings with the right window replacement that minimizes heat loss in winter and keeps hot air out in summer. Experts in energy-efficient windows in Monmouth County, NJ can help their customers learn more about these window replacements.

A good indication that a replacement window is energy efficient is if it has an Energy Star label, which is given to windows that have met the strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the National Fenestration Rating Council. The Energy Department estimates that installing a system of Energy Star double-pane windows can give New Jersey households up to $166 in energy savings annually. That’s the equivalent of saving about 60 gallons of gasoline a year.

In addition to these cost savings, Energy Star windows also have other benefits. For one, they provide glare protection, which is particularly important because the excess heat and light from the sun can damage furniture, indoor tiles, and upholstery. On a bigger scale, using Energy Star-rated windows also reduces a household’s carbon footprint, thus helping in the preservation of the environment.

A passive house makes use of a comprehensive system to achieve optimal energy-efficiency. A regular home in Monmouth County may not have all the needed technology to achieve “passive house” status; but using Energy Star-rated Monmouth County, NJ windows from reliable companies like All County Exteriors, offers homeowners a large part of the energy-saving benefits that a passive house gets.

(Article Excerpt and Image from New Jersey’s First Climate Controlled Home,, November 21, 2013)