Lesson from Sandy: Get a strong roof to protect your home

The catastrophic phenomenon Hurricane Sandy should prompt us to be prepared for disasters. It is necessary to plan and take action, after all, since we risk our lives if we ever ignore such alerts. As early as now, we should start taking steps to get ready. Here are some tips from the NJ Office of Emergency management:

Have a family communication plan so family members know how to let others know they are safe and have a plan for reuniting if separated.

Register at the American Red Cross Safe & Well website so family members can locate you if you evacuate.

Have a cell phone or traditional land line? Have a backup plan if electricity, cell phone towers or utility lines fail.  Be prepared for prolonged problems with phone of all types and internet connected devices.

Know how you will contact your utility. If your power is out, you MUST report it to your utility company. Do not assume the utility company is aware that your residence is out.
Joseph Bruno, city’s commissioner of the office of emergency management, added that:

You should also ready your food and emergency kits and start fortifying your home. Take time to evaluate the condition of your roof for it is the primary defense of your house. You can call an experienced roofer in Ocean County NJ for an estimate to determine your roof’s condition – if there are weakened connectors or loose nails, the whole thing could get blown away.

Contact All County Exteriors, a professional roofing contractor in Ocean County NJ, for installations and repairs. We offer different types of roofs of the highest quality from the country’s top manufacturers and we know the right kind you need, especially if you’re in a disaster-prone area. Give us a call today before the hurricane season arrives in full swing.

(Article Excerpt from Atlantic hurricane season on the way, with lighter than usual punch, forecasters say by The Associated Press, NJ.com, May 22, 2014)