How an Ocean County, NJ Roofer Can Help with Disaster Preparations

A year after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the New Jersey coast, Steven Hart reports that the state’s local government and its citizens are engaged in preparations for the next big storm:

“They line the curbs in Holgate, at the southern tip of Long Beach Island, and stand in pebbly front yards all the way north to Sea Bright at the bottom of Sandy Hook. CERTIFIED HOME RAISER. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT. CUSTOM HOME DESIGN. DEMOLITION EXPERTS. Any spot affected last year by Hurricane Sandy is getting ready for the next big storm. Plans are under way for massive dune reconstruction projects. Houses are being raised on pilings to lift them above the next storm surge. When the next big storm comes, many buildings along the whole 127-mile stretch of the Jersey shoreline will be standing on tiptoes to meet it.”

The devastation New Jersey suffered at the hands of Hurricane Sandy has certainly left an indelible lesson on local residents and the state’s governments. While this year’s hurricane season may seem milder in comparison, the late arrival of Sandy last year serves as a warning to everyone that anything can happen on the weather front. Hence, the replenishment of beach dunes and the raising of houses are currently happening in the area at a frantic pace.


In addition to raising houses, disaster experts like also advise homeowners to make sure their homes are protected by inspecting their roofs and conducting the necessary repairs. Ocean County, NJ homeowners can safely inspect their roofs on their own by looking out for signs of wear and damage from the ground or from the top of stairs. Once such signs are detected, it is advisable to immediately call on a reliable roofing contractor in Ocean County, NJ to conduct a more thorough inspection and to perform the necessary repairs before a storm comes.

The ideal time for a thorough roof inspection is right after a storm. This will allow sufficient time for any damage to be found and repaired before it can deteriorate any further. Likewise, proper disaster preparations should include having your roof regularly checked by a reputable Ocean County, NJ roofer such as All County Exteriors to ensure that your roof is always in good shape in the face of any storm.

(Article excerpt and image from Jersey Shore builds new storm defenses, but are they enough?,, October 29, 2013)