Home Improvements Homeowners Fear

As a homeowner, you may consider yourself to be pretty hands on. Making cosmetic changes to your home is what makes it “yours.” But regardless of how much experience you have in the home improvement realm, there are certain projects that even the most experienced DIY-ers are afraid to take on. Whether it’s the fear of messing up the project or a lack of access to certain materials, home improvement projects that allow you to customize your home are downright scary! Fear not, homeowners, because you aren’t alone.

Learn more about the most commonly feared home improvement projects and how you can tackle them fearlessly.

  • Bathroom Remodels. A complete bathroom renovation is an elaborate project that can involve a lot of demolition and reconstruction. Making minor adjustments, like adding a fresh coat of paint and updating the faucet fixtures can give your bathroom a facelift at a fraction of the cost. If you want to completely redo your bathroom, do so in small steps  and avoid all of the modern bells and whistles. These kinds of updates won’t pay off if and when you try to sell your home.
  • Backsplash Installation. While it might sound like a simple project, installing a backsplash in a bathroom or kitchen scares a lot of homeowners because it involves designing and installing a fixture to your walls that you create on your own. There are no set of instructions that come with this project, and this freedom tends to scare a lot of people away from this task. To create a beautiful backsplash yourself, some research and careful planning are required. Once you have a plan of attack, you’ll be able to create a custom backsplash with the tiles and grout of your choosing.
  • Flooring Updates. If your hardwood floors are dull or scratched, you do not necessarily have to replace them. Typically, people put off updating their flooring because the process involves stripping the floors and having new flooring laid down. This isn’t always the case, though. Homeowners can revive hardwood flooring easily by sanding them down, applying a stain, buffing and sealing. For the best results, do some research on how to redo your floors based on the type of wood.
  • Home Office Setup. Many people have the ability to work from home, and having a central space in your home to be productive in makes it easier to get work done. Instead of a major remodel, which can be costly and lack the ROI you had hoped for, the Frisco, TX interior decorators at The Frazier Team recommend converting a small bedroom or basement space into an office nook. Avoid installing intricate shelving units or elaborate desks, as these will make transforming the space back to what it once was more difficult. Create a functional workspace without the hassle of a remodeling project by using multi-functional pieces that are easy to change or remove.

While there are some major home renovations that should be left to the pros, not all projects are as overwhelming to complete on your own. Always do your research before starting a home improvement task, and when it doubt – hire a professional. Go forth and tackle these home improvement projects fearlessly!