Home Improvement Projects To Consider Before Winter Starts

The winter season will officially begin on December 22 this year! Prepping your home for the winter helps to guarantee the long lasting value of your home and prevents you from dealing with mid-winter emergencies that could be delayed due to bad weather. Below, you’ll find a list of ideas that will help you improve your home!

Roof Repairs – Before heavy snow starts falling, have your roof inspected to ensure it’s in good condition. Small holes could become bigger issues when the cold and damp weather arrive. Any repairs needed should be done before the season starts because it’s easier and faster to repair roof issues before the wet weather sets in.

Power Washing – Give your home a face lift for the upcoming holiday season by having the outside power washed. Mold likes dirty, grimy surfaces, so keep your brick work and siding clean with a washing. Whether you have brick, stone, or siding, consult a professional about what kinds of nozzle and pressure should be used on the surface of your house.

Outside Painting – If your home is in need of a coat of paint, warm autumn days are perfect for working on painting projects. If your shutters, door and trim need a color boost, paint them during the autumn season when the weather is more comfortable to work outside. Autumn is also the prime time to seal paint on the outside of your home to keep the siding and wood safe from the oncoming harsh elements.

Bathroom Remodel – Tired of the old grout, dated bath tiles and itching for a project? Bathroom remodels are small projects that can easily be finished before the guests arrive for the holidays and won’t break the bank.

Refinish Flooring – Hardwood floors see a lot of wear and tear over the years. Sunlight bleaches them and dirt and grime can get in between planks. Prep your floors for the winter season by sanding and refinishing them to even out the discolorations and protect them from damage.

Furnace Maintenance – Your furnace works extra hard in the winter to keep you comfortable, so keep it in good condition and have regular maintenance done. Have a trained professional, like the expert Havertown HVAC team at McLoughlin PHC, do a proper testing of the furnace. Also, check for loose piping or duct work and be sure to replace dirty air filters.

Home Winterizing – The best way to prep your home for winter weather is to do the maintenance beforehand. Caulk any holes around windows and door frames to prevent drafts. Replace or install new weather stripping around doors to keep a tight seal. Check your insulation in the attic and add some if needed – check for updated r-index values – or replace any that looks worn or is crumbling.

Get ahead of the winter storms by working on these home improvement projects before the harsh weather and little daylight become difficult to deal with.