Hiring a Siding Contractor in Ocean County, NJ? Things You Need to Know

The siding of your home in Ocean County, New Jersey is one of the most important parts of its exterior, as it protects the walls from runoff that could seep through and cause serious water damage. Hence, it’s only right that you exercise enough diligence when looking for a siding contractor in Ocean County, NJ. Below are some questions you need to ask and factors to consider before hiring one.

Siding Contractor

Local Regulations

Your contractor needs to have the necessary license or certifications as mandated by state laws (remember that knowingly and willfully hiring an unlicensed contractor has its legal consequences). Moreover, your contractor should also be aware of local regulations, which may affect the type of siding that can be installed in your home.


A contractor’s experience speaks volumes about his competence as a professional, all the while serving as an essential measuring stick of his work quality. An efficient contractor doesn’t only know how to install sidings, but also when to set them up, and which materials are most likely to survive the weather condition in your area.


Since the total price of the project will depend largely on the discretion of your contractor, choose one who can give you a price that’s reasonable enough. An article from Redbeacon.com also advises that:

“Ideally an estimate should be detailed and provide breakdowns of each and every expense including labor, material, as well as any other associated costs and taxes. You should also ask about any deposit that you may have to make before the work commences. The payment schedule for the whole project should be fixed right at the beginning.”


Before hiring, ask your contractor about any warranties he can offer for his services as well as any worker’s compensation or liability insurance he has on him. The insurance serves to protect you from having to shell out a hefty sum in case a worker gets into an accident while working on your property.

If you want to install siding in Ocean County, NJ, make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of con artists who will leech money from you while disregarding the condition of your house and the safety of your family. Avoid this by working with established companies like All County Exteriors.

(Article Excerpt and Image from What to Ask Siding Contractors, Red Beacon)