Here’s a Novel Home Improvement Tip: Mix & Match Your Siding

Staying at home for days last winter when New Jersey dealt with heavy snow allowed many residents to mull over spring cleaning and home improvement plans for the future. Now, the time has come for Ocean County residents to check their list and buckle down to work. For sure, restoring the curb appeal of your home should come as a priority – that’s for creating a good first impression on guests or potential buyers, if you’re planning on selling.Revive Your Home's Exterior Image

One area to focus on is the condition and look of your home’s exterior. From choice of material to color options, every detail should work to serve the purpose of enhancing your home’s overall design. For one, you may need a contractor for siding in Ocean County, NJ to check this important feature of your house. Here are some points that Better Homes and Gardens wants you to consider:

 Mix & Match Siding

Who says your home’s exterior has to be covered in only one type of siding? Consider combining materials to highlight your home’s architectural features without breaking the bank. Narrow tongue-and-groove planks draw attention and add character to this bungalow’s charming entryway.

Revitalize Vinyl Siding

A simple, twice-a-year rinse with a garden hose should keep vinyl siding looking new. If the siding has been neglected for years, rub it down with a mixture of 3 parts water to 1 part bleach (cover your plants before you apply it). Don’t use a power sprayer; the force of the water can bend the pliable material just enough to let water sneak in behind it.

Whether your home needs siding repair or replacement, trust All County Exteriors, a professional siding contractor in Ocean County NJ, to give you a thorough assessment. The costs and options may vary but this company goes about its business in different ways that others can only hope for.

For instance, when you hire All County Exteriors, their staff will process your contract, get the permits needed and send you a Welcome Package. Their construction team will handle all demolition, building, and finishing details; after which, they will clean up your yard and restore it the way it was. You will then be given the guarantee of project completion on time and they can back each of these claims since they’ve been in the business for over 30 years – and very few can truthfully make this statement.

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