Helpful Tips: How to Be Prepared for Strong Hurricanes

New Jersey’s coastal region is one of the areas that sustained the most severe damage from Hurricane Sandy’s wrath. Most houses in the coastal area were wiped out by its force and left hundreds if not thousands of people homeless. Most damage manifested in homes’ roof, siding, and windows – something that is expected from a hurricane with 90mph wind speed.

Precaution has never been more important. Following steps and preparing for these conditions can minimize damage to your home and to your welfare since it seems that Hurricane Sandy won’t be the last one that can hit. Naturally, more will come and they may be stronger than the last.

As homeowners, you should take action now. Here are some helpful tips in preparation for such kind of severe weather condition:

1.       Prepare an emergency kit. When hurricanes hit, you can expect no supply for electricity, water and gas for some instance. Streets may also be flooded so when someone gets injured, it might be difficult to reach to a clinic or hospital. Therefore, this should consist of flashlight, first aid kit, provisions (preferably canned goods or no-cook meals) and potable water.

2.       Create an escape plan. Push comes to shove, you may need to leave your home because a compromised house is just as dangerous as the weather itself. Thus, you need to know which way to go when this happens.

3.       Have your home inspected. Hire a professional roofing contractor in Ocean County NJ to check for leaks and damage to your home. A faulty roof cannot protect you from harsh weather at all and may even put you and your family in more danger.

Having a sturdy roofing system can make a difference between devastation and minimal damage. Hence, this is a very important precaution if you want your household to make it through a hurricane. Choose a roofer in Ocean County NJ like All County exteriors that understand the kind of weather the area gets.

We at All County Exteriors have been the trusted local company by homeowner’s in the New Jersey area since 1982. We recognize the need of residents for protection against harsh weather. That is why we only provide materials of highest quality for roofing, siding, doors or windows. If you want to be fully prepared for a hurricane or other weather conditions, we are just a call away.