Finance Expert Advises Homeowners to Remodel Sooner Rather than Later

The sunny outlook for housing in upscale neighborhoods Image

Based on the positive trends forecasted for real estate this year, CNN Money posted a handy guide for homeowners who wish to cash in on the current climate and make the most out of it. Where remodeling is concerned, finance writers Lisa Gibbs and Amanda Gengler recommended making changes now to take advantage of the present market conditions and rise above them. In an article dated April 3, 2014, CNN Money said:

Do you live in one of the tonier areas of your city? Here’s good news: It should be easier to sell this year.

With jumbo rates now closer to those of conventional loans, and buyers more confident, sales volume for expensive houses is on the upswing. In January the number of U.S. homes selling for $500,000 to $750,000 picked up 15% vs. a year earlier, compared with a 6% drop for $100,000 to $250,000 homes, according to the National Association of Realtors…

…Renovate sooner, not later. Don’t let dated features drag down the value of your home. Owners thinking about remodeling have good reason to act now. Quality contractors, already busier than they have been in recent years, are likely to get even tougher to snag. Then there’s the issue of rising rates, which would push up the cost of new home-equity loans and most lines of credit.

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(Article Excerpt and Image from The sunny outlook for housing in upscale neighbourhoods, CNN Money, April 3, 2014)