Our Experience with Extreme Home Makeover

In May of 2006, All County Exteriors had the chance to do something that most contractors only dream of: donate our services to a family in need through the hit television show Extreme Home Makeover. The family, who’s Irvington, NJ home was destroyed in a fire, was in desperate need of a new place to call home. Along with the Extreme Home Makeover crew, and with the help of a few other teams of contractors, we were able to provide just that.

During this project we were tasked with completing the roofing, siding, and trim within a designated time frame. For those of you who have never watched the Extreme Home Makeover show, that time frame is quite short. With a whole new house being erected at once, timing and efficiency is key. But our team brought the same level of expertise and experience that we bring to every All County Exteriors project and met the challenge head on.

In just three short hours of work we crafted and installed a brand new roofing system for the home. It took 40 members of our team working diligently to do so, but in the end we had built a roof that will last that family for years to come.

While the majority of our crew was working on the roof, 20 more staff members worked on the siding and the trim. This task involved more intricate work, but in just 20 hours we had completed the assembly and installation of durable, energy efficient, beautifully designed siding and trim.

The most rewarding aspect of this project came when the call finally came to, “Move That Bus!” and the family was able to see their brand new home for the first time. The look in their eyes and the gratitude in their words have remained with us every day since.

We bring that same passion and energy to every project we undertake, and want to be able to give each and every homeowner who turns to us for roofing or siding in New Jersey the chance to come home to a more beautiful, more energy efficient home.