Cost Vs. Value: Pros of Using GAF® Home Building Products

GAF is the leading manufacturer of homebuilding materials in North America. Since in 1886, it has been continuously providing the best quality of services and materials. One of their missions is to help both architects and property owners in making the best and safest decisions in roofing.

We at County Exteriors are certified GAF Master Elite® roofing contractor in Ocean County NJ. And there are many reasons why we believe GAF is the best option compared to other low-cost materials.

The obvious savings are there when you choose what’s cheap. However, you will also get what you pay for, which is cheap, low-grade materials. You may have bought them at a lower price today, but you’re likely to spend more on repairs and replacement in the future.

GAF products, on the other hand, are reasonably priced and are low-maintenance. Their high-quality durability will help you save on maintenance costs, and eventually help you in reducing your yearly home maintenance budget! Here are some of GAF’s best products:

  • Monaco™ Lifetime Designer shingles won’t easily crack when there’s some foot traffic on your roof. In comparison, regular shingles stain easily and therefore would need replacement soon. Monaco shingles are also resistant to damage brought by insects and pests.
  • Timberline® ArmorShield™ is the most popular GAF shingle. It can withstand wind speed up to 130mph, thanks to its effective adhesive seals. It also has rubber-like flexibility for maximum resistance to impact.
  • Ridge ventilation systems are usually affected by change in wind direction and speed. Whereas with Cobra®, it’s been designed to stay sturdy even with wind that goes 110mph. It also prevents weather infiltration, too.

All County Exteriors, the roofer Ocean County NJ residents trust, has been in the roofing industry for more than 30 years. We have been only installing GAF products to ensure durability and long-lastingness.

Don’t settle for low-grade materials. Contact us at All County Exteriors and we’ll install GAF products for your roofing needs.