Best Colors for Your Sunroom

Sunrooms are one of life’s simple pleasures. They are open, airy rooms that allow natural light and fresh air into your home. You can feel like you are one with nature while still being protected from bugs and inclement weather in these home additions. The colors you use in your design should reflect the relaxing vibes a you sunroom embodies. The following colors are ideal and can help you make the most out of your sunroom.

  • Bright Whites. There is no color more crisp and clean than white. It is also the easiest color to complement or accent. Spruce up white walls in your sunroom with patterned area rugs or throw pillows. Adding pops of color, whether it’s through furniture, accessories, or plants, is so easy to do when the walls are white. You’re always working with a bright, clean canvas!
  • Beautiful Beiges. Beige and off-white colors create a warm atmosphere. These colors are also easy to accentuate through the rest of your decor. Off-whites make the room inviting and sunnier when the natural light shines through. Many different decor and furnishing styles can work with a neutral color, including wicker, wood, metal, etc. Depending on what your aesthetic is, beiges are great bases for a room.
  • Earth Tones. What could be better inspiration for a sunroom than the nature surrounding it? You can pull shades of green, tan, and yellow from the outdoors and bring them inside. The color experts at Castle Rock, CO painters recommend avoiding the darker hues from nature, as they can make the room feel less inviting. Soft, pastel shades of these natural colors are perfect for a sunroom.
  • Cool Hues. When you think of peace and serenity, blue is usually the first color that comes to mind. Using blues and lavenders in a sunroom allows for flexibility and can create a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Cool colors work especially well in beach homes with sunrooms. Blues and grays create a nautical feel that is popular in shore home design. Even if you aren’t close to the shoreline, the use of these colors in your sunroom can make you feel as if you were.

Sunrooms are great places to unwind. You can enjoy a nice cup of tea, read a book, play a card game with friends, or watch the sun rise or set. Keep the atmosphere light and fun with these sunroom decorating tips.