Babyproofing Your Home With Style

Everyone knows that when you have children, you have to make sacrifices. One of those sacrifices does not have to be the decor and aesthetic of your home. Once your newborn starts crawling around, not to mention taking their first steps, your house needs to be safe for your baby to wander around. There are ways to do this without losing its current design. Here are some tips on baby-proofing your home with style:

Upholster your furniture. If you have sharp edges jutting out everywhere, they can pose potential threats to your child. Instead of buying all new furniture, you can reupholster the furniture you already own. To further  eliminate potential problems with edges and add flair to a room, use an upholstered ottoman as a coffee table. Opt for pieces with round edges to prevent injuries from sharp corners and edges.

Mount bulky furniture. To prevent injuries and furniture from tipping over, make sure big items like televisions, cabinets, and large chests of drawers are properly mounted to your walls. Accidents happen more often than you may think and this an easy way to stop a disaster from occurring. Think about your television sets, bureaus, and bookshelves especially, as they tend to hold heavy items that can easily slip out of place.

Lock up fragile plate ware. Your fine china and glasses should be put away when you have a newborn or toddler. Instead, invest in acrylic tableware. You can find stunning acrylic sets that look just like glass but come without the worry of shattering and breaking.

Blend right in. One of the first things new parents do to baby proof their home is covering electrical sockets, putting up safety gates, and bundling cords. Instead of buying the old-school plastic coverings that plug right into your outlets, you can find outlets that have built-in covers flip up when the outlet isn’t in use. Instead of using bulky plastic baby gates, find an option that fits into your existing home decor. You’ll find a number of options available now, from mesh retractable gates to faux wooden gates, and more.

Go up, up and away! Just because you have a child doesn’t mean your home has to be bare – just be mindful of where you place things. Fragile items should be placed up high and out of reach or stored away in cabinets. Fake plants, battery powered candles and other light-weight decor work great for new parents. Some of your child’s toys may even double as a decoration! To avoid the clutter and mess a child will inevitably make, invest in chic storage bins. Whether they are mesh cubes, wooden baskets or ottomans with a removable top, there are plenty of ways to hide toys without losing style.

Fix up the fireplace. Your fireplace poses the most danger to your newborn or toddler. To keep everyone safe, block the fireplace with a custom cushioned bumper. Choose a color that complements the rest of the furniture in the room so that it doesn’t stick out. If you don’t mind covering the fireplace completely, find a gate that blends in with the surrounding mantle or put up a magnetic board that your child can use for play time.

With so many options accessible to parents today, it is easy to keep your home completely safe while maintaining your personal style after having a baby. For more interior design tips, contact Bonnie Lawitzke a Jackson, MI interior decorator.