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We employee more than 100 of the hardest working contractors, designers, and administrators in the industry, all of whom live in homes just like yours right here in New Jersey. We have a deep understanding of what goes into improving local homes, and have designed our services to match the needs of our neighbors.

Thanks to factory training from the manufacturers whom we represent and the more than 95 years of combined experience brought to our company by the Marzarellas, we are able to provide the kind of roofing, siding, and windows that homeowners deserve.

We offer the following home improvement solutions:

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West Point Island is in Lavallette, Ocean County, New Jersey, United States. From 1902 to the mid 1920’s West Point – the part of Dover Township – was owned by Fred Applegate, who also owned the Lavallette Hotel. Fred, a superb hunter himself, welcomed gunning parties to the hotel year-round, guiding his guests to the numerous blinds he had established on the Island.

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