4 Ways To Create An Inviting Entryway

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve definitely heard of curb appeal, and you know that your front entryway is the first feature of a house that your guests (or potential buyers) notice. While you may know what an inviting entryway is,  many homeowners neglect to do anything about their lack thereof!

Regardless of whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply add value to it, an inviting entryway is a must-have for any homeowner. Discover ways to amp your entryway’s appearance and turn it into a welcoming space.

  1. Patch up concrete blunders. If your concrete steps are chipped or broken, have them repaired. Cracked concrete can create larger problems in the future and cause damage to your foundation. In addition, it looks unappealing. You can repair and resurface chipped steps yourself using water-based sealer and concrete, but make sure to thoroughly do your research before attempting the project. It’s best to hire a mason contractor to handle concrete steps that are completely damaged and need to be entirely replaced to ensure the project is completed the right way.
  2. Accessorize your porch with seating.  If your entryway is large enough, invest in outdoor furniture. Something as simple as a wicker table and chair can create a welcoming vibe that beckons visitors to your door. Adding furniture converts your entryway into a space where you can relax after a long day and enjoy your neighborhood.
  3. Illuminate the pathway to your front door. Make it easy to access your front door with quality lighting along your entry and walkways. Illuminate your driveway with solar powered lights. Install a porch light next to your front door that’s bright enough to shine onto your driveway. Lighting can easily transform your entire entryway, and it’s an easy addition or upgrade that adds a ton of value!
  4. Spruce your entryway up with plants. A well-manicured landscape greatly adds to your overall curb appeal. An expert tree removal company in Chalfont, PA recommends having any rotten trees removed, as they can cause damage to your property and they look unsightly, as well as pulling weeds and adding fresh mulch to existing flower beds. If your lawns looking a little lackluster, layer it with seed and water daily. Add a few potted plants around your front door, or line your walkway with bright perennials for a fresh, vibrant look.

When it comes to exterior home design, a welcoming entryway goes a long way. It makes a great first impression for guests, neighbors, and buyers if and when you’re looking to sell.  Keep these tips in mind when decorating your home’s entrance.